I envied those who were hopeless

familyshadow-199x300My name is Dana and I started this blog site. Hope is not simply a word or an idea to me. I am intimate with the very real pain that can be suffered by those stubbornly afflicted with it.

My journey of hope began when my husband and I decided we were ready to start our family. Conception, a thing that happens so easily for many, for others by mere accident, proved to seem impossible for us. After many years of waiting and trying every avenue available, we still had no child. There were times I begged to be relieved of my affliction. If not for this relentless hope, I could simply move on.

I envied those who were hopeless, those able to pick up their shattered dream, mold it into something new and accept their lot. I could not do that. I had hope, or rather, hope had me, and it would not let go.

5 years into our journey, our son was born. Hope finally had its day in my life! Every tear was vindicated and I knew that anything is possible.

Not only do I believe the impossible for my own life, but I believe it for yours too. Please write to this blog and share it with your friends. Tell your story so others will have the courage to keep hoping.