Writing “Thank you” on the trash

I was walking around my apt complex to walk off some extra weight, stress from work and grief therapy since my husband Pat died. Each morning when I walked I was able to see the trash laying out for pick-up. I began to appreciate this benefit and the one who picks it up for us. I wondered if anyone ever said, “THANK YOU?” I had this push in me to bring my permanent Sharpie marker to write on the bags left out…THANK YOU with smiley faces.

One Friday I saw some trash that I wouldn’t even pick up if that was my job.  I went back home to get the marker and thought, how silly for me to worry if someone should ask …I am only writing THANK YOU on their trash. Well, I giggled and had fun and was so blessed to thank someone. I went home after writing on all the trash bags left outside that day and wrote a note on paper and taped it to mine. “Thank you for keeping us cleaned up all week!”

I wondered if he noticed and what did he think? But, I knew in my heart that GOD noticed and I realized anew HE is never afraid of the trash we put in His hands each day. Our mistakes, losses or the smell of the attitudes we can speak in hurt or pain. He shows us His Love and Light clearing the way again, removing the trash I put out for HIM.

This gives me hope in a love and life I have in Christ.

Joanne – Dallas

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