Hope in God

I recently started going to a new church.  I looked for a new church so my teenage son could find a youth group that he really enjoyed.  Well, we found the church – and I got involved in a Sunday School class a few months ago.

There were two men in my class who were umemploeyed but seemed so employable!  Anyhow, I didn’t give them much more thought than that.

Last Thursday, a friend called me telling me he was hiring some slaes positions at his company and did I know of anyone — he reported that he was callimg me because I know so many people.

Instantly, this guy in my Sunday School class named Darrell came to mind.  I didn’t know Darrell or even what his background was — but he was placed on my heart.

I made a phone call and got ahold of someone who knew him and his contact info so he called me and I gave him the scoop.  I also found out that he had a long job history of sales (and who knew?)…

Well one darned thing lead to another and within 24 hours this man had a job.

It was a God thing 100%.  How did I know to think about Darrell – a guy who’s last name I still don’t know, about a job last week?  And how did it hapen that he had the job 24 hours later?

Oh- it’s God alright.

This gives me hope in GOD.

Lyndy – Amarillo Tx

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