Hope in mankind

My friend, Amy, loved the word HOPE.  Everywhere she went, she infused hope into others.  An encouraging word.  A perfect gift at just the right time.  A listening ear. She was a light to everyone she met.  So, when she got stage 4 kidney cancer and passed away within two months, I couldn’t imagine why someone so beautiful could leave this world.  The questions still flow and I often wonder about how much she is enjoying Heaven.  But, most of all, staring at her picture, wearing her t-shirt that says HOPE, I know it is her hope-infused legacy that lives in me.  This gives me hope for the future, and power in the present.

Thanks for the life you lived, Amy.  I have hope in mankind because of you.

Hope in Restoration

Growing up in the church, I led a superficial and self-centered, pious life.  I did all the right things, said all the right things and did what I thought I was supposed to do.  When God allowed everything to come crumbling down four years ago, I was stripped of everything that I thought I knew and found my comfort and peace in.  God took me on a soul searching journey and pruned every thing, good and bad, that was keeping me seperated from Him.  It was the hardest and most pivotal season in my life!

During this time I learned to lay down my pride, accept and love people for who they are and realize what God seeks is between me and him, not what others perceive about me.  My hope today comes from restoration and the love and grace of an almighty Father who has replaced, restored and recreated every good thing that was lost in my life.  I thank God for the continued work HE is doing in me and can do in all of his precious children!

I found hope in darkness

Rose1986Through almost three decades of walking in complete silence, hurt, fear and pride, I found hope in Jesus! He washed my hurts of child-hood molestation away and gave me courage to speak with a voice of bold gentleness! He brought Light into my secret places and burned away the shame, anger and pride that resulted of my hurts. Now I see His purpose for my life. When God released me from these past hurts, my, then, hopeless view on marriage transformed into a garden- rich in hope. And my view on parenting is full of hope and joy! Our family roots deepened… God continues to cultivate and nurture our “family garden”.

This treasure called “Hope” is a priceless commodity that I pray everyone finds during those dark moments… I found hope!

Darcy – McKinney TX

Hope in God

I recently started going to a new church.  I looked for a new church so my teenage son could find a youth group that he really enjoyed.  Well, we found the church – and I got involved in a Sunday School class a few months ago.

There were two men in my class who were umemploeyed but seemed so employable!  Anyhow, I didn’t give them much more thought than that.

Last Thursday, a friend called me telling me he was hiring some slaes positions at his company and did I know of anyone — he reported that he was callimg me because I know so many people.

Instantly, this guy in my Sunday School class named Darrell came to mind.  I didn’t know Darrell or even what his background was — but he was placed on my heart.

I made a phone call and got ahold of someone who knew him and his contact info so he called me and I gave him the scoop.  I also found out that he had a long job history of sales (and who knew?)…

Well one darned thing lead to another and within 24 hours this man had a job.

It was a God thing 100%.  How did I know to think about Darrell – a guy who’s last name I still don’t know, about a job last week?  And how did it hapen that he had the job 24 hours later?

Oh- it’s God alright.

This gives me hope in GOD.

Lyndy – Amarillo Tx

…up until then my life consisted of being molested, abused, fear

I got saved on my mom’s birthday in 199Liz Muder7; up until then my life consisted of being molested, abused, fear of my father and observation of his physical abuse to my mother. I always wondered why my life consisted of these horrible, mind torturing things; now, 12 years later, I don’t wonder that anymore.

I see that God has given me beauty for my ashes and He has changed my sorrow to joy! All of the ugly in my life has slowly drifted away and transcended before my eyes into a display of utter beauty through my own little family, my church, my friends and God’s big fat love for me! I’m also thrilled to have the honor to draw the line in the sand and create a family life that I never knew personally.

Yeah, hope is in! It’s classic and classic never goes out of style!

Liz – Dallas Texas

a child’s laugh

For me hope is always a child’s laugh.  They have such a willingness to accept things as they are and to truly see the joy in small and wondrous things.”

Robin – Little Elm

Writing “Thank you” on the trash

I was walking around my apt complex to walk off some extra weight, stress from work and grief therapy since my husband Pat died. Each morning when I walked I was able to see the trash laying out for pick-up. I began to appreciate this benefit and the one who picks it up for us. I wondered if anyone ever said, “THANK YOU?” I had this push in me to bring my permanent Sharpie marker to write on the bags left out…THANK YOU with smiley faces.

One Friday I saw some trash that I wouldn’t even pick up if that was my job.  I went back home to get the marker and thought, how silly for me to worry if someone should ask …I am only writing THANK YOU on their trash. Well, I giggled and had fun and was so blessed to thank someone. I went home after writing on all the trash bags left outside that day and wrote a note on paper and taped it to mine. “Thank you for keeping us cleaned up all week!”

I wondered if he noticed and what did he think? But, I knew in my heart that GOD noticed and I realized anew HE is never afraid of the trash we put in His hands each day. Our mistakes, losses or the smell of the attitudes we can speak in hurt or pain. He shows us His Love and Light clearing the way again, removing the trash I put out for HIM.

This gives me hope in a love and life I have in Christ.

Joanne – Dallas

Get yourself some milkweed!

Milkweed is the only plant Monarch caterpillars can eat. Monarchs will flit and float their way over to your MW and lay eggs. Once you’ve got a caterpillar bring it in and continue to clip your weed to feed it.

Our caterpillar has been getting fat and happy for about a week. During the growing process he would periodically perch on the side of the glass and molt. The first time I thought he was sick because his skin changed color and then there would be this little pile left behind. The old skin. Eew. Change can be gross.

After he was ready he perched himself to the side of the jar I’ve got him in. He sort of spun a little web. After he’d secured himself he just hung there. He seemed to be taking some really deep breaths. There was shuddering every now and then. This is it big guy. You are about to under go some big changes, miraculous changes, so that you can be made beautiful.

He hung there in the “j” shape for a little over 12 hours. Every now and then he’d take the deep breaths and his body would expand and contract like an accordian. Then he would relax again and wait. About an hour before he “made” (became?) a chrysalis, his body was almost bubbling and it would throb. He did some little crunches every now and then. (Trust me honey, you can’t start doing those the night before you put on the party dress. You’ve got to start that weeks and weeks before.) And then he finally just straightened out of the J and slowly his skin splits and he wiggles and riggles into this fleshy green pod. Just like that!

The chrysalis is a work of art in itself. It’s like a piece of Jade. There is a seam across the top that is sealed with dots of onyx and gold. Just gorgeous. But it’s not over! Now, safe in his chrysalis who knows what is happening in there. It seems a more gentle and safer part of the big change. Can’t wait for the grand finale!

This gives me hope in the process.

Michal – Houston

My message of hope

My message of HOPE is for everyone to understand that we are all Human, and we ALL make mistakes and FALL short, but the good thing about it is we CAN get back up, dust ourselves off and try again!  I HOPE no one ever forgets this!

Jodi – Shelby NC

The Bible says

The Bible says that God is in control.  This gives me hope in today, tomorrow and eternity.

Judy – Wellington Texas